Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Tribute To Pets

A dear friend of mine had to see a sweet pet pass on to the next world. Missy was a young, vibrant, impetuous and playful kitty that was warm and affectionate with all that met her. I admit I was always more of a dog person, but this one was warm and loving, to the point that I couldn't resist her nature. She merely wanted to be friendly, say "hello", and be playful. The heartbreaking thing was that this, like other pets taken too soon, was a creative, innocent animal that did not do anything like smoke, drink, or have a bad diet, as us stupid humans do. When humans die too soon from a life of self abuse, we conclude, more or less, that they probably deserved it. With animals, they merely want to have a warm place to cuddle up with their beloved owner, eat what is given to them, and live in simplicity, completely at the mercy of their taintedly human provider. These pets ask so little, and give so much in return.

Perhaps it's easy to consider my admiration for the animals closest to us as a sign of indignation for the consistently selfish human counterparts, and if that need be, fine. I got a puppy when I was 10 years old, named him Shadow (as he was always in my shadow), and he was ostensibly my adopted brother. We wrestled together, he slept in my bed, he guarded me furiously, and never left my side until he took his last breath in 1995. He was one that would not want to submit to mortality if he could spend another day with me, regardless of the failures of his mortal frame. Few people could ever be so purely faithful and loving for their hopelessly flawed human counterparts. Our pets develop such an indescribable connection with us, to the point where they know when we are not feeling well, or know that their playful frolics bring us joy. There's nothing so honest and refreshing as the joy our beloved pets bring us, because they are not simply being selfish or unconcerned with our emotions - they sense them and react appropriately - they show love and want us happy - who, in the human race, can consistently do the same?

I do believe the animals we have embraced will once again join us on the other side, and that they have a spirit that will never be relinquished by the physical world's encumbrances. We will one day join our sweet animal companions in the next world; in a place where they hurt no more, and merely seek our embrace. They've asked so little during their earthly existence, and given so much, and eagerly await the day when we are reunited with them in a better, painless place. No relationship with our beloved animal friends shall ever be stifled by the pains of mortality. They will exist forever in our minds through pictures and memories. They await us in the spirit world, and the relationship, having never really ended, will once again flourish when we are once again able to embrace the pets with whom we are forever bound. May they all play happily and painlessly in heaven, and may we never forget that we will hold them once again. For now, we love you all - Peppy, Curly, Shadow, Goony, and especially Missy. Our spirits are with you, and our thoughts and smiles will never be without your memories.