Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pointless Poetry

When joy knew where to find me, I had a beautiful girl in future's glow
Her radiance quelled the stresses unexpected and self imposed
Not once I took for granted such a dream, oh fortune's dream
And knowing my own future gave the means for her release

When joy knew where to find me, I had cared and given all
My heart drove all my actions and I cared not for myself
Now destitute and helpless I must turn to pointless cries
Though muted and unheard my passion, barely echoed, dies.

When joy knew where to find me I would be the loving arms
To which the tearful ran and found their solace without harm
I can't deny my closure nor can anyone rely
Upon those arms that once could bring such comfort for a cry

When joy knew where to find me, I was good to those I loved
Now I can't see the hurt I've sent amongst their hapless selves
I tell my friends I'm sorry but they don't believe my thoughts
And all I did was anger friends in whom their love I sought

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