Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally - My Top Ten Best Songs

Believe it or not, I've been asked on this topic. Very tricky subject, but here they finally are. My list. Let me say that I will never be happy with my final ten choices, but remember this: Rock and pop music was given to us for celebration and joy. Pure rock songs will be recognized in another one of my widely ignored lists. This list embodies the best of what songwriting could convey - a profound, poetic message within a beautiful framework of melodies and harmonies.

#1: U2 : Bad.
The build-up and lyrical content is majestic. About losing a friend to heroin addiction. Gorgeous and daring. Climactic, emotional, and truly beautiful.

#2: Peter Gabriel : In Your Eyes
The greatest, emotional, passionate, and artistic expression of love. Not just love, but appreciation.

#3: Doors : The Crystal Ship
Arguably the SECOND most beautiful love song ever sung; a gorgeous ode to one's love, made even more profound within the context of The Doors' manic debut album tracks.

#4: Pete Townshend : Slit Skirts
A Pete Townshend gem, detailing his depression from aging, losing his beloved wife, and hating himself for the past excesses that led to his obvious loneliness, sense of dispair, and cries for help. The song was penned right around his true period of bottoming out, and eventual rehabilitation and rejuvenation into the 1980s. So many famous musicians thrived and lived untouchable lives in the previous decade, most of them died around 1980 or simply crumbled into decay. Townshend's document of his feelings of the time showed us a rare glimpse into how many rock stars felt upon entering the decade, and how one dealt with the ramifications of past insanity and self sufficiency.

#5: The Who : Another Tricky Day
Townshend at his lowest - sad and reaching outward for direction. He had a friend help write this track, saying that no matter what, somebody has it worse that you. It's a slap on the back and a slap in the face to all the self-perceived failures out there. "You can't always get it when you always want it...."

#6: Simon And Garfunkel : Homeward Bound
Again, emotional and truly passionate. Music should always express some type of emotion, and this one does it better than ever. They pulled us into the loneliness of being away from home with "I wish I was...". So many elements of doubt and fear, yet hope and passion for Simon's zeal for success.

#7: Suzanne Vega : Luka
Great songs are even greater when they incite awareness, and this song reminded us all of the ugliness of child abuse and the struggles such poor children must face at an age that is supposed to be devoid of worries and fear.

#8: Peter Tchaikovsky : Nutcracker Suite
Rarely has anyone portrayed more emotion and sense of plot than Tchaikovsky's work here. Once properly performed with its legendary ballet act, as well as its brief summary of plot, the final moments are incredibly emotional, beautiful, and rewarding. It's a journey of a girl finding love, fulfillment, and ultimately apotheosis - the ultimate sense of attainment.

#9: Gordon Lightfoot : The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
A 1976 piece which had a memorable melody and extensive lyrics reminding us of the 29 men who died in a horrible sinking within the angry waters of Lake Superior. This great loss would have never been so effectively regarded and commemorated if it weren't for Lightfoot's tribute.

#10: Led Zeppelin : Carouselambra
A shrouded, brilliant document of recent tours, especially that of their 1977 tour. Within its buried lyric track, we find descriptions of the hordes of groupies, the typical excesses of touring, and general exclusion from the rigors of reality. But, rather potently, Plant brings us into the harsh moment of the phone call from his wife in England, telling him that his young son has died. From then on, nothing mattered, and reality ultimately reigned in its harshest manner. In addition, the musical backbone of the song illustrates Jimmy Page's weakness from drug addiction, and his meager, contorted guitar segments speak loudly of his weak condition and painful search for the one thing that was no longer existent - inspiration.

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Ellie said...

In Your Eyes is in the Top 10 definitely - song has so much passion and heart!
Love you honey!