Friday, July 21, 2006

Relationship Injustice Part Four

As a searcher of kindness and compassion, I never allowed myself to emotionally be distracted by ancillary factors of a significant other, such as race, religion, ethnicity, social status, or most relevant, age. I've since found a strong bond with a girl much younger than myself. I have been with people that were older than myself, and in this case, I cared little for age, and she's half my age. To myself, her mother, or the girl in question, it's of little consequence. We all want each other to find true happiness and know that love is strong, and nothing else matters in the equation.

Enter the gossip hungry social group that sees such a relationship and casts their judgements upon us (mostly myself) with little regard for discerning the true heart of the matter or the emotional fulfillment therein. No, being an older male, I'm apparently some disgusting svengalie, intent upon exploiting wide-eyed young girls for their naiveté and clearly am some type of self-centered ogre in the entire situation. Cast aside the fact that the young lass is an incredibly self-contained, street smart individual, who knows what's at stake and can clearly think for herself without being untowardly manipulated. So, dear readers, the injustice in this episode has to do with negative people who look at relationships through narrow, polarized, glasses and cast their judgements as they might see them from an episode of Jerry Springer, rather than have the intelligence to analyze the situation and give one or both of us the benefit of the doubt. There's a ton of injustice, in this case, from letting one's beloved be negatively influenced by the countless nefarious peckerheads that have little else to do but call me "sick" or "disgusting" for dating someone significantly younger than myself.

Nobody should let this injustice influence the course of a relationship. Nobody - NOBODY should ever have the right to steer a person out of a relationship in which they feel comfortable, happy, and simbiotically complete. People may have their opinions in occasions of disparately matched people, but if that couple is in love and safe, then those that have their negative opinions can shove them up their empty asses.

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