Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top Ten TV Females

Since I enjoyed running with the list concept, I figured I'd rattle off my top 10 "cutest" females on TV (only TV) in my experience. Now this is the 10 that I find most attractive, appealing, etc, in terms of their features, their demeanor, and the like. So here goes, and watch for the obscure ones...

10. Karyn Parsons
TV's "Hillary" from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", she had that cuteness that couldn't be matched.

9. Tiffani-Amber Theissen
Only during her stint on "Saved By The Bell". After that, she chunked up and developed a moon face.

8. Marilu Henner
A sultry vixen from the 70s show "Taxi", rarely had occasion to show off her sexier side.

7. Berlinda Tolbert
TV's "Jenny" from the show "The Jeffersons", full of energy and big beautiful eyes. Those that know me are, by now, shocked that I have yet to mention a blonde, but I'm not that transparent.

6. Maureen McCormick
Yeah, sure, the original Marcia Brady. Hey, she kept her looks together and always had that sweetness to her appearance.

5. Valerie Bertinelli
TV's "Barbara" from the show "One Day At A Time". A stunner, and yet another non-blonde!

4. Sarah Chalke
Formerly from the show "Roseanne" and now a part of the show "Scrubs". The bright-eyed blonde that we all dream about. From here on out, it's predictable.

3. Christina Applegate
A cutie from the day I first saw her on "Married With Children". She's something like 1 month younger than me - it must be fate! I was so crazy about her I wrote her and got a couple nice pieces of mail in return, as well as a couple autographed photographs.

2. Suzanne Somers
The original bombshell from the sitcom world, as portrayed in the show "Three's Company". Nobody could compare to her implied ditzy behavior and eventual path to stardom. Great legs too!

1. Heather Locklear
I need to say nothing...always the queen of the screen and apparently ageless. Am hating the day she crashes.

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The Vapid Voice said...

Update: Heather has crashed. Almost literally. Wish her well.