Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's With All The Bowl Games?

Sheesh, this college football thing is out of hand. I can understand the zeal of merchandisers and similar ogres taking advantage of a seasonal custom, but these college football bowl games are just stupid now.

There's a Bowl. A bowl named after a web site? Not just a pizza place, but the pizza place's web presence? Please. There were something like 27 bowl games this year. Half of them were sparsely attended and mildly interesting. Whatever happened to the old days - the Bluebonnet bowl would be on channel 44 (in Chicago) very early in December, then the Holday Bowl, then the big guns - the Peach, Sugar, Gator, Cotton, Orange, Fiesta, and Rose Bowls? Remember when there were only a few bowls? The "Armed Forces" Bowl was held in Utah, at a lousy stadium, with like 20 people in attendance.

The old Peach Bowl became the Chick-Fil-A Bowl or something ridiculous. Please. Just crap on college bowl history. Waiting for the Grilled Stuft Burrito Bowl and the bowl with that "I'M THINKING of a number..." pecker as the grand marshall of the largely ignored parade which meanders along the main drag of Cedar Lake, IA.

Enough with the corporate crap, no more bowls. Being in a bowl game means nothing. I can get a team of farmers, yaks, coopers, and talented shepherds to have a team that is qualified for one of these stupid bowl games. 27 bowl games is enough. Stop. The toilet bowl is next.

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